About us

Carlo Levantino, FIV sailing instructor and sports director of Pistrice Sailing S.S.D a r.l.
Italian Offshore Champion, he has participated in many of the main Mediterranean regattas (6 Palermo-Montecarlo and 2 Roma Per Tutti). Trained as an engineer, he will train you to become self-sufficient and in command of the boat.

Pietro Spatafora, bowman and sports collaborator, also trained as an engineer, with consolidated experience in long Mediterranean regattas will guide you through the sport of sailing with his empathy.

Marco Barbera, Pistrice Sailing's sporting collaborator, a safety expert, an architect by profession, who has sailed on the high seas and has participated in numerous international Offshore regattas, will help you to learn the cockpit maneuvers in regattas.

Giuseppe Ferrarella is a Ph.D. architect, L.N.I. coastal sailing instructor and sports contributor to Pistrice Sailing. A 2016 Italian offshore champion, he has participated in numerous Offshore regattas in doubles and crew, winning the Roma per Tutti, Rome Giraglia and other international competitions managing strategy, tactics and weather routing.

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